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Terms & Conditions


“Golden Heritage Europe Limited” owns the website “www.goldenheritage.co”& works with brand name “Golden Heritage”. “www.goldenheritage.co” is an e-commerce based website providing online shopping experience to its customers globally.  A client may go through the entire range of products, make selections and place order according to their own specific item requirements. One may access the website www.goldenheritage.co, to place an order of desired product, & there are set standards of the terms and conditions mentioned below which complies with every individuals or business while using our website.


If a client registers an account with us, they can maintain only single active account with us & also should have an understanding that the account is non transferable in nature. They may only exercise to update, edit or terminate the account at any point on our website. Client can get in touch with us at any point, if they require our help with anything.

If a client uses their workplace email ID or its address to register an account on our website, then the client is only solely responsible for all the protocols or policies that apply to use of workplace email or facilities under their organization.


As an individual client or business, one has to agree to bind and comply with the standardized set of terms and conditions. If in the context of the trading terms, there are few terms and conditions that we are bound to apply for the proper utilization of our website “www.goldenheritage.co”.

  • That the client agrees to comply with the terms of use of the website “www.goldenheritage.co”
  • That the client agrees to comply with all the related relevant legal laws, which are associated while using our website.
  • That the clients are themselves responsible for the placement of any kind order through our website.


Clients can make a selection & order the items by registering themselves at our website and submitting their request to get the order processed, take note of terms and conditions involved.

At the time when the client places an order at our website for a particular product it means that the client has accepted to make the purchase for the price mentioned on our website (that includes delivery cost, other charges & any kind of taxes) if applicable.

While creating an account with us we tend to ask you some relevant details, which are required to confirm you the status of the order being processed. We encourage our clients to provide with most recent, updated and precise details with their complete consent while signing up at our website.


In certain situations, we may have to reject or cancel your order for the time being or permanently.  This can occur due to non-availability of the item ordered or if there is some kind of technical error on website which may lead to inaccurate pricing or description of the product uploaded. We will keep our customers posted about the updated order status.

If an order placed for the product at our website, it clearly states that we accept the binding agreement between a Client and “Golden Heritage Europe Ltd.” for the supply of the particular items ordered. For the every orders accepted by us: -

  • We will deliver all the ordered items in accordance with these terms and conditions to the client.
  • We will provide you an email confirmation stating you that your order has been confirmed.


Golden Heritage may reject an order placed at our website. Going forward we take steps, to notify you of the reason of order cancellation or rejection via email.  We also may notify you after you have submitted an order request at website or within a reasonable span of time.


Golden Heritage only aims to offer the products that are in stock, which are online for sale & can be dispatched at moment.

If however, the client might have paid for the product, which is not available for dispatch or is out of stock. In such case Golden Heritage will notify you via email on priority basis that when the item will be back in stock again.

We do understand that one may not wish to wait long enough for the product, which is not readily available for shipping. To facilitate this a client may choose to cancel the item ordered at any time simply contacting us via email (hello@goldenheritage.co) and we will completely refund the amount paid by client.

In an event, if the item is not available to ship out, then we utilize our best capabilities to procure the same from our overseas warehouses or get the item manufactured on priority basis from our factory unit within 30 days or earlier from the date of purchase made. We also ensure that the client shouldn’t be paying any extra cost for the same. But the above measures are only taken if client is ready for their shipment to arrive in the time committed.

Just in case under certain circumstances, we are unable to get the product sent out or procured from our facilities then, we contact with our clients within a reasonable time or refund them the complete money.


Golden Heritage only ships out the products to the provided address at the time of placing order. Client is solely responsible for providing the accurate shipment address & contact details.

We always practice the activity to dispatch all the business or individual client orders within 2-3 business days subject to stock availability.

Client may get information on the product delivery time frames & the channel of delivery through our website or through us by an email, that how the product will be delivered to them & the time required.  The product delivery pattern & cost entirely depends on various factors such as the nature of product, size of product & volumetric weight of the product.

That Client agrees to comply all sorts of requirements while getting the product delivered. And if there are any requirements before or at the time of delivery we will notify you through email or provided contact information.

The Courier Company may require identification copy of the person collecting the items delivery on your behalf just for the records.

The address provided by the client while registering on our website for the delivery of ordered items is known as “Delivery Address “ under the terms and conditions sections.

Client has to acknowledge & agree that any contact person at delivery premises is authorized by you to collect shipment on your behalf.

If there is no concerned person or no appropriate person at the place of delivery

For receiving the item or if the client is not present at the time of delivery, then the item will not be delivered & taken back to courier facility. Client again has to reschedule the delivery by contacting the delivery office & provide them with the tracking information details, which are provided by us to you at the time of shipment dispatch via email.

In this kind of event, we may approach you or you may approach us to arrange for delivery & we may also get delivery rescheduled on your behalf in the convenient timings slots.  A Delivery fee may be chargeable at the rescheduling delivery again.

Client may choose free shipping if there are any ongoing promotional offers or discounts offered at our website “www.goldenheritage.co”. One may redeem them while they make a purchase of the item through “www.goldenheritage.co” only. Our vouchers codes will be only applicable at our website “www.goldenheritage.co”

If the client places an order with a free shipping and then decide to return, then the difference amount will be refunded & we will deduct the outward / inward shipping charges incurred by Golden Heritage while shipping the product. This is only applicable in case client refuses to pay the return shipment charges.

The shipping cost will be calculated fairly, by the freight forwarding companies on their technically advanced machineries.

In case the buyer is not happy with the purchase please contact us, we can arrange for the pick up or resolve the query at our best level. The returns cost are to be paid by the clients, or we may deduct the cost paid by us & refund clients partial money, through our website into their source of funds.


Our products generally comes pre- assembled, all the client really need to do is unpack the items ordered by us without any sharp objects. If you still need assistance with anything please contact our customer care, the information can be found in contact us option.


Golden Heritage believes that the client places an order keeping in mind the terms and conditions involved.

We are authorized to cancel an order placed with us (It may also include the orders which may have been accepted) without being liable towards anyone, Subject only if: -

  • The ordered product is not available in stock.
  • If it comes to our notice that the product is already damaged or in faulty condition before the dispatch.
  • The product description doesn’t match the original product

If Golden Heritage intends to cancel an order, we will get in touch with you & provide you a reasonable cancellation notice, and will not charge you anything for the same.

Client has the facility to cancel their order whether it has been accepted or not at any point by getting in touch with our Customer Support before the shipment is dispatched. But once the item has been dispatched or is in transit, then one may return the ordered product subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in case of returns & fee charges.

Order cannot be cancelled if the product is dispatched or is in transit. It can only be returned once item reaches at the Shipment Address provided at the time of registration. The costs involved in returns are to be paid by the clients & refund will be done partially after deducting the returns & forwarding costs involved. The refund will only be processed when the item returns to our warehouse in proper condition.


Golden Heritage charges you, and the client agrees to pay, the price of the Product which is ordered through our website.

The delivery fee “ Refers to Delivery Fee on website ” the client pays is notified while placing the order through www.goldenheritage.co. Client is also notified if there are any set other charges or taxes applicable under the set of these terms & conditions.

All the final fees, charges & taxes in identified under the set of terms & conditions already includes the VAT charges wherever applicable.

The purchase price of all the products are mentioned in the respective product links & every product has its unique dedicated link while you browse or place an order with us.

The purchase price of the same product displayed on our website may not be the same according to market price & we are not obliged to match the prices of the same product being offered by other online or retail stores.

The price of the products may vary or change from time to time without any prior notification. We don’t charge any kind of miscellaneous charges that apply to the product after the order is confirmed at our website, subject to terms & conditions mentioned in back order policy.

If the Order is cancelled: -

Golden Heritage refunds you any amount paid by you while placing the order.

Clients should note that refunds to credit card might take up to 30 days to appear in your statement or even earlier in some cases.

Golden Heritage will not refund the return delivery charges in clients cancelled order, which has been dispatched already or is in transit.


Client may pay the product fees or charges of an accepted order through the below payment gateways: -

  • Visa Or Master Card
  • PayPal is integrated on our website
  • Direct deposit into our company bank account

If due to any technical reason our server is unable to process your payment, which you initiated through PayPal or credit card, then the order stands out to be on cancel status. We will contact & notify you that the order has been cancelled due to unsuccessful payment. We also notify the client if the payment gets processed & the order starts processing for next stage.

If we agree with a business client that will place a bulk order with our company on deferred payment basis, then we will invoice you the fees & charges of the ordered items. Subject to terms & condition set before the deal. Client must pay fees & charges in accordance with these terms & conditions.

If a customer wishes to pay by a Credit Card, Debit Card or through PayPal, it states that client has authorized the transaction and authorizes us to debit the placed order amount from their owned Credit Card Or PayPal account.

Golden Heritage strongly discourages to try not to attempt to pay for the products ordered through any kind of fraudulent or illegal means.


We advise our clients or customers to check the product after being delivered & just to determine the extent of damage occur. If a product is damaged during transit or at the time of delivery then client may refuse to take the receipt of that product.

Client should notify the same to our customer support team as early as possible via email (hello@goldenheritage.co) quoting your order reference number.

If you notice product is delivered or received in damaged condition, kindly notify us

in written through email (hello@goldenheritage.co) all the damage details within 7 days from the receipt of product. Failure to do such action will result in negative claim to take refund or get the damaged product get replaced.


If the customer or client wishes to return the product, which is not at all damaged under the said terms & conditions, then they can return it against the full refund & reducing the cost of outward & inward shipping involved within 15 days.

We request all the customers to kindly ensure that the unwanted product should be returned to us in its full, original or undamaged packaged condition. Failure to do such then at our discretion we reserve the right to refuse the client claim their refund or charge client a 25% restocking fee.

Also if the client chooses to return the undamaged goods cost involved in return process & rescheduling return will be at clients’ expense.

We may ask the client with necessary documentation involved or guide him with what documentation will be required in returning the item to us. We can get in touch with client if the client notifies us. If the client fails to do so then the client is not eligible for the refund amount.

We are not liable to refund you the delivery fee where the product is delivered to you & when you don’t wish to accept the product, or you wish to return the product back to us.

The difference cost paid by client will be refunded when the parcel is received to us in the undamaged condition. In the case if the client receives the damaged goods we will initiate refund or replace the product or send the part at our discretion.

Once we receive the returned goods in undamaged condition we will issue the client refund within 3 days. Kindly note that returns to credit card might take up to 30 days to reflect on your statements of accounts.

Clients should note that we don’t offer returns on specially ordered items or customized product according to client’s requirements.

Kindly note that if once the accepted product is used or installed at the clients premises it can not be replaced or returned & is not eligible for any kind of return.

Like previously mentioned in our terms & condition client should inform about the damage received on product within 7 days.

Another point to note that our products may differ from the pictures displayed due to natural variations of colors & product finishes. Our products are handcrafted in nature & may or may not have slight imperfections on them due to handmade elements. It may or may not suit every individual due to their own tastes & preferences. Hence we always declare & always mention complete product description on our website listings & content. We declare the nature, size, dimensions of all the products on our website.

We send the certified electrical fittings with our tripod lamps or lighting divisions approved from UK & EU standards. Certification is only provided to our esteemed clients. If the customer’s fits or use an uncertified or non-compatible bulb & the bulb blow after the use, then Golden Heritage is not responsible for any kind of damage.

Though our products are checked before dispatch, we can only replace if the product wiring has some kind of issue or not working properly. Golden Heritage is not responsible for any kind of changes done with the product after receiving it & if the wire blows out due to client’s voltage issues in the premises or usage of non-compatible bulbs or any kind of fittings.

To avoid any kind of doubts, the products will not be replaced or refunded unless our website listing specifically states that product is covered by a warranty.

The lighting bulbs are classified as a consumable item & therefore all the life span hours provided by it or the standard wiring has no means to guarantee of its life span.


Golden Heritage can immediately suspend, terminate or revoke your complete access to the use of our website, if your accounts breach the terms & conditions applicable at our website: -

  • If the breach is not remedied
  • If the breach is not remedied within 10 days of notice
  • If there is any kind of emergency

We have the full authority to stop the website developments without any prior notice to any individual. In this case the ordered products will be delivered to all of our clients or we will issue clients their complete refunds against their placed orders after notifying them all.


We believe that a business keeps on evolving every single day & there are many changes as the time passes. Hence we always recommend our clients or customers to go through the terms & conditions while or before placing an order with us. The terms & conditions may or may not change in future orders so it’s always advisable to go through T & C’s of the business before commencing an order.

We don’t change any terms & conditions for an order already placed or exists in nature. The terms & conditions remain the same at the time of placing your order.

Please contact us on hello@goldenheritage.co for any further information. 

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