Floor lamps are a staple of interior home decor, offering not only functionality, but also making a design statement through the type of lamp selected, the materials used, the positioning of the lamp within the room--even the choice of lightbulbs has an impact on the mood and ambience of a room. 

Floor lamps is a fundamental requirement for any home décor, office interiors, hotel or restaurant setup. They not only offer the functionality but also helps in establishing a design statement for the interiors.  

Some important factors that one should consider before buying is:

Design :

There are different style of tripod lamps available in the market today. Some common styles are: Branch Lights Floor Lamp, Single Doom Floor Lamp and Tripod Floor Lamps. Tripod Lamps are gaining a lot of popularity off late and mainly because its so uncommon. They are expensive to buy as compared to the normal floor lamps.

  • Style : Style ranges from Vintage, Modern and Retro. Somehow Retro is making a comeback and people prefer buying retro lights. Infact out of the three retro lights are most expensive.
  • Colour : The colour of the floor lamp depends upon the interior colours. The floor lamps can either contrast the interiors or they can go along with the interiors. For modern interior items made in nickel or chrome finish are better than the antique floor lamps. Vintage lamps / Antique floor lamps are ideal for household that looks more traditional and has more of wood than glass in the interiors.
  • Materials Used : Most lamps are made using metals, wood, plastic, glass and plastics. Handmade lamps are made using finest
  • Unique qualities handmade items are making a comeback. When it comes to design and style, people prefer buying things which are handmade. The handmade element adds an extra pinch to the design. Plus it makes it look uncommon among a lot of other styles and lights available.
  • Will it be a good fit : One need to choose the right space for their floor lamps. Some people prefer placing the lamp in a wide area and some people are left with limited space and need to tuck a lamp in a corner. For big laces the branch style lamps and the tripod lights is a good idea. It makes the whole place look roomy and adds a nice pinch to the design statement.

In small awkward corners people can buy the single pipe floor lamps or a tripod floor lamp. The great thing about the tripod lamps is, it can get easily into awkward corners and looks great.

  • Choice of light bulb: It’s a good idea to check with the seller if the lamp supports LED bulbs. Most lamps take in a standard E27 Screw Bulb. LED colours vary therefore chose the colour based in your interiors. In LED’s Warm White is like our traditional yellow light and Cool white is like proper white led. Generally, the modern household prefer white LED’s. Plus White LED goes well with Chrome style lamps. Vintage and retro lamp looks good with Warm White LED bulbs.  

Some Unique Lamps are :

  • Vintage Style Tripod Lamp
  • Antique Tripod Lamp
  • Corner Floor Lamp
  • Hollywood Style Lamp
  • Movie-Replica Lamps
  • Retro Floor Lamp
  • Nickel Finish Floor Lamp
  • Mahogany Nickel Lamp

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